Postgraduate Football Executive Program

When Sepp Blatter, former FIFA president visited India many years ago, he called India as a ‘sleeping giant’ of football. He had recommended wide-scale reforms and greater professionalism to make Indian football attractive and popular for the 1.3 billion population. More than a decade later, reforms at all levels of national, state, and grassroots have […]

Global Soccer Conclave: Virtual Mahakumbh 2021

The global football fraternity has witnessed an unforeseen slump in every domain of football with the ongoing global pandemic. Clubs, international federations, brands, and organisations working in different disciplines within Football have had to create a business and performance-oriented strategy for financial sustainability and growth. For many years, the goldmine of resources in terms of […]

Diploma program in Sports Marketing & Sponsorship: What is the advantage of such course

Diploma program in Sports Marketing & Sponsorship

Sports are mainly dependent upon two verticals and they are performance and business. The better the performance the more engagement opportunities can be created. Like wise the more business can be grown effectively and profitably for any sports ecosystem, better growth and development can be ensured. Once we understand the importance of sports business, marketing and sponsorship are integral to it.