Sports are mainly dependent upon two verticals and they are performance and business. The better the performance the more engagement opportunities can be created. Like wise the more business can be grown effectively and profitably for any sports ecosystem, better growth and development can be ensured. Once we understand the importance of sports business, marketing and sponsorship are integral to it.

In today’s scenario in India where demographic dividend is aligned towards youth centric activities, sports have a major role to play to utilise that advantage for the growth of nation. On the other side when present millennial mindset is highly focused on content and following granular pattern of consumption showing a shortened span of concentration, the marketing is therefore evolving like anything. The introduction to highspeed broadband and OTT platforms are also challenging the traditional broad casting and market penetration patterns. So, the sponsorship which was traditionally the main source of revenue generation is also reshaping with time.

At the same time the present pandemic is putting more twist in the process bringing an altogether different angle of social bubble making it more interesting.

As sports and business are integral, with each other, so the industry is looking for insight and futuristically trained resource who will understand the marketing and sponsorship differently and will approach it not like traditional way and will add value for any sports ecosystem.

So, a focused course with futuristic insight and skill for sports marketing and sponsorship is the need of the hour. Moreover if the diploma program is delivered digitally which can be utilised as self-paced learning, will be more effective for working executives giving flexibility and opportunity to augment their skill and help each ecosystem to retain their HR which is really beneficial for growth through established culture and work ethics.

On other side the freshers if they get this type of diploma as dual study mode will be more beneficial, once they are out and trying their job opportunities. At the end we must understand that the course dedicated on sports marketing and sponsorship with a flexible self-study mode if delivered by international trend setter or experts as well as maintaining affordability, it can’t be a better association than that. The advantage of a Diploma in sports marketing and sponsorship is therefore both for the sports industry, students and present working executives to be explored and grabbed to ensure the continuous growth for sports industry.