The global football fraternity has witnessed an unforeseen slump in every domain of football with the ongoing global pandemic. Clubs, international federations, brands, and organisations working in different disciplines within Football have had to create a business and performance-oriented strategy for financial sustainability and growth. For many years, the goldmine of resources in terms of infrastructure, technology, experienced professionals, and sports-tech has been evident in Europe and America.  This has established their status within the developed football ecosystem. With the emergence of new brands and football organisations looking to strengthen their position in the global football landscape, the focus area has shifted over recent years towards Africa and Asia. With majority of the Afro-Asian Football market still untapped, the opportunities are huge for any brand entering the market. Therefore, the developing football ecosystem provides a major opening for all global football stakeholders to create new synergies and build their brand.

Keeping this perspective in mind, the Global Soccer Conclave has been conceptualized to bridge the gap between the developed and the developing football ecosystem. This will be executed through this mega-event mainly through transfer of knowledge and resources along-with effective networking. This will be one of the biggest Mahakumbh’s (mega-event) of Football as it will create a global platform for all the key stakeholders involved in the decision making of their local football ecosystems. These stakeholders will include international industry professionals, football clubs, federations, sports-tech brands, investors, and innovators to discuss about their role in making the developing ecosystem better. This Mahakumbh has a definitive objective to take the developing football ecosystem forward through insightful discussions, story-telling sessions about the journey of experts and brands, and creating networking opportunities for emerging innovators to connect with professional clubs and other football entities.

The Global Soccer Conclave offers a unique element to the entire football fraternity with a definitive strategic goal that it wishes to obtain in the future. This makes the Global Soccer Conclave a highly attractive proposition for any global stakeholder to utilize the networking and enhance their knowledge about every domain that contributes to the overall betterment of the football ecosystem. The virtual Mahakumbh will comprise of 4 unique categories to offer a holistic digital experience for the attendees.

The first category is GSC Talk session which will highlight the unique stories of football organisations and brands in contributing towards Football development. We have associated with renowned global brands and educational institutions to deliver the best insights through an engaging virtual experience. Every brand which is part of the GSC Talk will be giving a complete overview about the journey and experiences of the brand apart from their role in contributing towards the growth of the developing football ecosystem.

The second category is the GSC Live session. The showpiece event which will feature international experts with a wealth of experience working in professional clubs, federations, and major global football organisations. It is an interactive platform featuring international experts to create feasible solutions for the developing Football nations. Various theme-based sessions covering specific sub-domains in Football Business and Football Performance will be discussed by a group of esteemed panelists for identifying the existing scenario within the Afro-Asian market and creating a feasible roadmap for the future.

The next category of the mega-event is GSC Kick-off, a unique match day accelerator hub for individuals/groups to pitch their business idea in front of a dynamic cohort of investors, sports technology service providers and entrepreneurs. Sports-tech is a big area of opportunity in Africa and Asia that is still at the nascent stage. Innovators who are willing to explore business opportunities by using different tools such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality can project their business idea in front of a jury to get valuable feedback and how they can be improved to fill the void in the sports tech industry.

The final category of the virtual mega-event is an Awards and Entertainment night that will felicitate Football legends from Asia and Africa, highlight the key contributors to the developing ecosystem and recognize brands that have been instrumental in adding value through their Football products and services. All in all, this virtual Mahakumbh is set to make it’s mark on the global stage every year and revolutionize the developing ecosystem with the best practices that have reaped rewards in the Football business and performance domains.