Sports with out performance means nothing if a nation wish to establish as a sporting superpower. Sporting dominance on international platform is important to grab the limelight and create an international perception which intern translates into business and revenue as the performing nation has been reckoned as preferred destination by international community for development. Moreover, sports and performance itself creates an internal heathy environment and generates revenue and business growth utilising sports as industry. It is therefore needless to say how much sustained sports performance is essential for growth of any country.

Performance in sports depends upon multiple factors, but with out sports science support it will only be accidental and sporadic.

Today’s sports coaching and sports performance is dependent upon sports science multidimensionally. The training load, recovery and evaluation is one form of feedback a coach requires as a direct input about his training. He also looks for sports’ biomechanical insight for movement perfection, skill development and injury prevention. The Sports nutrition not only help to understand and plan loading and recovery, as an ergogenic aid helps in augmenting performance as well. The sports psychology today has multifield impact both as an insight as well as interventional technique to optimise performance using positive mindset and arousal level. Talent identification, nurturing and performance therefore is closely supported through sports science support.

If India is looking for sustainable sports performance then sports science experts are required at numbers, be it grassroot, youth or elite level, sports science input is equally important for talent nurturing.

A Masters course therefore with international collaboration will be ideal to bring all advanced insight and information to develop a sports scientist with ideal knowledge and skill. Masters sports science and high performance is not just a theoretical knowledge. Countries performing continuously at an elite level in multisport domain can only share the correct high-performance insight and know-how, so it is important to have a correct international collaboration to augment the course credentials.

Masters sports science student should have adequate capability to understand the sports specific demand to validate training and evaluate outcome. Should also have insight and functional insight about sports nutrition, psychology and movement analysis along with idea about enhancing performance. If that is a reality through a structured program, it will then surely be the game changer for the mission of India to be a sports super power.