Sports is just not playing. World has witnessed how a country can project through a sporting event long ago during 1964 Tokyo Olympic, when Japan showcased technology and growth of the nation even after being devasted during world war. Therefore, in today’s world sports is much bigger than a game, passion and enjoyment. The social impact of sports and the business associated with it has been understood by each nation.

Sports can never sustain without continuous performance. Therefore, lot of emphasis has been given today to set a culture, strategical implementation and mixing of business and sports through effective management, sports excellence and financial stability through planned engagement. India for last few years is setting the process correct to showcase the country through sports. The KHELO India, FIT INDIA along with major emphasis on sports through education has generated new hope and momentum for sports. The corporate houses are also taking major interest utilising PPP model or ownership of clubs and leagues. All these are positive sign for sports in India which is setting up as a structured industry gradually.

As the focus and growth in sports are concerned with out governance and administration it is not achievable. Present Indian sports ecosystem as flourishing day by day is also in need of good sports administrative human resource. So, increasing opportunities are there in sports ecosystem now for sports management and therefore a formal degree like MBA Sports management is important. The ideal MBA sports management course should have all information from the international ecosystem about best practices and trends along with that it should also ensure industry integration and hands on exposure. The basic focus area should be management of organization, player, logistics and finance and relevant tool as a concept to plan strategy, communication and marketing with technological and analytical insight.

MBA in Sports Management
Indian Sports ecosystem

Keeping the Indian sports ecosystem in mind the budding sports administrator should be empowered with best international practices along with analytical insight and best communication skill to augment the industry with positivity and leadership to ensure sustainable growth.

The Best MBA sports management program should be armed with international insight, industry integration, appropriate analytical tools and futuristic concept to provide the ideal content and placement opportunity for the budding sports management executives.

Being in an era of digital transformation, the best adoption of digital reforms to access best resources through LMS platform will also be a practical solution for Indian perspective to provide best insights from the industry experts.